Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Drives a Series of Tubes

My friend, Dr. Monkey von Monkerstein, did NOT originate the internet Secret Santa scheme.  However, he did make it sound enticing enough to encourage me to play along.  The recipient of my virtual gift is
Odile, a blogger in Mexico.  Fun!  I've never been to Mexico, but my mother went, once.  She told a story on herself about her trip to California that included a detour into Mexico for a short gad.  She was enjoying herself and the dry desert air when she realized her left arm was significantly more tanned than her right - from resting it on the car door as she drove.  "I'm not worried", she said to herself.  "I'll get the other one tanned on the way home."

That was my mom.

It's quite likely Odile has more sense than that (at least sense enough not to tell on herself, I'll warrant), and she probably has sense enough to buy her own gifts and get exactly what she wants.  Still, a secret Santa has certain obligations.  I took said obligation on freely, just as my mother freely (and frequently) took on the obligation of telling the world she was a goof.

And so, without further adieu, I present my gift to Odile.  ¡Appetit del bon y Feliz Navidad, mi Amiga!


Goddess said...

Holy Cow -- What on earth is that?!? It looks sinful and decadent and to die for!

Rach said...

There is no way that I would want a slice of that...

Snad said...

Goddess - It's called a "Strawberry Maria". I did not make this particular cake, although I have made this recipe (mine was a little nicer looking, really - I did better on the chocolate outer edge than this person did. I was just too lazy to haul my fat a*s up the stairs to find a picture of it on my laptop, so I found this one on the intertubes.

Rach - what? you want the whole thing? It's not for you!